February, 2019
Love is in the Air
Love is in the Air

On this official day of love and appreciation, Peters Marketing Research would like to take the opportunity to let you know how much we enjoy our relationships and to thank you for being a cherished client.

But don't just hear it from me, hear what our team has to say:

"I love when new clients conduct research at our state-of-the-art facility and when returning clients book another project. It is like family coming to visit!"
- Talayna, Director of Client Services

"I love working with our clients! I enjoy seeing our ideas and collaborative work come together. When clients come to visit, it's a pleasure to put a face with the name of someone I've been working with."
- Ashley, Senior Project Manager

"I always love catching up with clients and moderators that I`ve worked with in the past and it's a pleasure to work with new people and build new relationships."
-Jessica, Assistant Project Manager

We love hearing about your experiences as well. These are a few of our favorite client notes from this past year:

"Thank you once again for a great job with our diabetes research. Perfect show rate! That is exceptional!!!! I deeply appreciate the professionalism and determined hard work it took to pull this off. Certainly a challenging recruit and you made it seamless. We love working with the Peters' team!"

"Just wanted to thank you so much for our great groups yesterday. You all took incredibly good care of us and my clients are in love with the facility, so hopefully we will get to come back again sometime soon :-) The respondents were great. Thanks for all of your hard work on this."

"You are always so on top of things! Thanks so much for all your efforts on this project! I really appreciate the quick turnaround with the audios and consent forms - makes life so much easier for me! Feedback from our moderators- St. Louis is a wrap - great recruits and I love this facility!"

Love and appreciation is definitely in the air today and always at Peters Marketing Research! Call or email to see how we can partner on your next research project.


Happy Holidays from Peters Marketing Research

JUNE, 2018
Online Surveys
Online Surveys

You already know Peters Marketing Research as a top-rated design and recruiting firm for qualitative focus groups and quantitative CLTs and IHUTs, but did you know we are also experts in conducting online surveys?

Online surveys offer a convenient way to gather opinions on everything from print and digital advertising to product packaging and as a means of capturing the voices of the consumer.

Peters Marketing Research meets your design and implementation needs by using our own proprietary platform,

We reach the respondents you want to speak to through utilizing our organically-developed and extensively-managed database of potential participants.

Peters can customize your deliverables, too! Whether you want raw data, data tables or a full report, we have you covered!

Follow this link to view a demo of the many options we have available: PMRSurveys Demo

Peters provides the platform, the databases and the deliverables you deserve from an online survey provider.

Contact Amanda Peters Luke today at (314) 542-0011 or to find out how we can make your next online survey a success!


MARCH, 2018
PMR Very First Office
A History of Quantitative Research

Sixty years ago, our grandmother, Mary Jane Peters, went door-to-door with a sewing machine, asking women to use it and she followed-up with a series of questions. It was one of her very first projects. It was an In-Home Usage Test (IHUT) and, 60 years later, her granddaughters and a team of exceptional colleagues are still conducting IHUTs...they just look a little different!

Peters Marketing Research (PMR) has specialized in Quantitative Research for 60 years.

We offer project design, questionnaire development, recruiting, project management and final reporting. We are your one-stop shop for all-things Quant!

Central Location Testing (CLT)
The hub for CLTs is located right here at our office in St. Louis. We also partner with a professional and reliable network of research companies nationwide to provide you with a national sampling for Taste Testing, Product Research, Concept Tests and Product Attribute Evaluations.

In Home Usage Test (IHUT)
In St. Louis and/or nationally, respondents evaluate products in a typical home environment and provide feedback.

Online Surveys
Fast, economical and implemented using our in-house software or yours!

Quantitative Offerings are supported by:

Our Testing Center
28' x 14' of open office space and individual computer stations with software-guided surveys; ideal for CLTs and Taste Tests, multiple configuration styles including classroom and booths, lighting designed specifically to facilitate marketing research sensory work.

Our internally-developed and maintained data-gathering software utilized by our team and our partners nationwide to cohesively collect data from CLTs, IHUTs and Online Surveys.

An Exceptional Team
Research designers, project managers, programmers and analysts make-up our team of quantitative professionals. They use their many years of experience to create, manage, host and deliver the best the marketing research industry offers.

For more details on today's quantitative offerings, visit or contact our founder's granddaughter, Amanda Peters Luke,


February, 2018
Peters Marketing Research
A Leader in the Recruiting Process

Do you know why Peters Marketing Research is able to recruit the most qualified respondents for your qualitative and quantitative projects?

We have spent the last 20 years developing, enhancing and perfecting our proprietary screening and recruiting software. Our system allows us to control the accuracy of each recruit while making the process highly efficient. Furthermore, we have the area's largest opt-in database of consumers, healthcare professionals and business leaders.

Here's how it works!

Step 1: We send a preliminary questionnaire to potential recruits. This is sent via email or text, giving candidates the ability to decide how and when they want to be screened.

Step 2: Our system analyzes the completed answers and targets the most qualified candidates based on screener specifications and quotas.

Step 3: Candidates are contacted via phone; double-checking questionnaire responses for accuracy and ensuring they meet articulation standards.

Step 4: Candidates are booked and they are now an official project recruit!

You can feel safe knowing each of your recruits were screened accurately and efficiently.

We are a leader in perfecting the many details of the recruiting process. Please contact us for your next project to learn more about how we can work for you! 


December, 2017

November, 2017
Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving from Peters Marketing Research

During this Thanksgiving holiday week, we would like to take a moment to say we are thankful for all of you for your continued support of Peters Marketing Research (PMR). We consider you all to be a part of our PMR family.

Our family has grown a lot over the nearly 60 years we have been in business and for this we feel very fortunate.

We hope you have a safe and healthy Thanksgiving holiday filled with family and friends!

The PMR Team


September, 2017
Quantitative Research Specialists
Quantitative Research Specialists

Peters Marketing Research (PMR) has been serving the marketing research needs of the St. Louis region and well-beyond since 1958. Our mission is simply to connect clients to the opinions of trusted, verified and authentic audiences. In addition to providing qualitative services, for nearly 60 years we have offered flexible quantitative research methods. Specializing in project design, methodology selection, questionnaire development, recruiting, data collection and reporting, our highly skilled quantitative team conducts a wide range of services, including:

  • Over 150K Panelists in our carefully managed & updated consumer database
  • Approximately 7,700 medical professionals who are local to the St. Louis, MO area
  • In-House Recruiting/Call Center, Programming & IT professionals
  • Controlled, precise respondent selection: We email our targeted group a link for a quick connection to our own secure, encrypted online pre-screener. A PMR trained interviewer then reviews the entire questionnaire with desired recruits and qualified recruits are scheduled.

Field Management
We will manage the oversight and logistics of your next multi-city quantitative research project. Don't spend your day tracking down multiple markets when one call to PMR does it all.

Central Location Tests (CLTs)
We are experts in conducting CLT's at our testing center, at any of our trained sites across the country or at your location using our proprietary survey software We are flexible and also use the software/program you prefer.

Our Testing Center includes:
  • Individual computer stations with software-guided surveys (with supervisors present)
  • Multiple room configuration styles
  • Lighting designed specifically to facilitate marketing research sensory work
  • Client-controlled heating and cooling
  • Refrigeration

In-Home Use Tests (IHUT)
Respondents assess products at their home and/or on-the-go using a mobile device, providing detailed feedback wherever life takes them.

Online-Only Surveys
Fast, economical, and convenient. What's even better: a respondent can be located - and reachable - anywhere in the world.

PMR is flexible. If your project requires all of our capabilities or some, we'd love to partner with you! Contact Amanda Peters Luke, Sr. Project Manager, at (314) 392-0466,


JULY, 2017

Enhanced Recruiting
Enhanced Recruiting

We appreciate your projects and work constantly to maintain a high level of expertise in all areas of our services.

Today, a few details about why our recruiting process is the St. Louis area's best.

Our combination of over 150,000+ opt-in consumer and medical members, internally developed and constantly enhanced recruiting software and a steadfast and experienced staff yields the area's most efficient and precise project recruiting.

We contact our members in a variety of ways, which they themselves can select. While email is still used most frequently, our current focus is directed towards increasing the number of members who allow texting contact as an option. We currently have in excess of 15,000 members (with that number increasing daily) who have indicated that texting may be used as a contact option, the option favored by many mobile users. This is just another way we can ensure a higher respondent contact percentage and project participation rate.

We constantly upgrade our ability to locate and recruit your desired respondents!

Call, email or text to talk about your next recruit!


March, 2017

Peters Marketing Research
It's Not Luck, It's Peters!

A few years may be luck; over 55 years requires more. A Lot more.

Peters Marketing Research features a dedicated team of professionals, precise project design and execution, carefully crafted systems and deep industry knowledge. Maybe that's why, for more than five decades, we have grown from our grandmother's back porch to where we are today: an industry leader earning the respect of our peers and clients each and every day.

We offer quantitative and qualitative research services and the most robust business, consumer and medical professionals database in St. Louis. Our database management and recruiting software -- all developed in-house -- are extremely efficient and precise.

Give us a chance and, at the end of your next successful project, we know you will agree: It's not luck. It's Peters!


February, 2017

Peters Martketing Research

Love Is in The Air!

Client feedback is one of the best ways to find out what we are doing right and it helps us to make improvements. In honor of the upcoming celebration of love, Valentine's Day, Peters Marketing Research is proud to share 14 of our favorite client responses from 2016.

We would also like to express our thanks to you for trusting us with your research projects. We hope you know how much we appreciate and value you too!

"The groups were great - a perfect recruit and great show rate, couldn't ask for more. We are really well fed and the back room is plenty big for the crowd we have. Thank you for to a great start!"

"Best staff I have ever experienced!"

"PMR went over and above in every aspect of the project. Great job! We will definitely be back."

"Things went really well today. The facility was great and even ended up on a list of only three facilities that one of my toughest stakeholders would be willing to return to."

"THANK YOU for an awesome job! The recruiting was fantastic - we had the right people in every group. I also really appreciate your help onsite tonight! Everything went so smoothly - thank you!!"

"A big thanks to everyone at Peters for a great day. Lovely hospitality, professionalism and just a great experience!"

"Every participant was wonderful. Not just good, but great. The client remarked a couple of times this week that this was one of the best MS recruits they've seen!"

"LOVE all of the recruits and Peters is amazing! Group E was the best recruit out of all of the 12 groups for this project nationwide."

"Thanks for a great job! We know this was a tough one - awesome job!"

"Jon was great to work with! He truly went over and above to get this done and I greatly appreciate it. We will definitely be back when we next visit St. Louis."

"The moderator loved your team, the recruit and the facility. Her clients (all 8 of them) were so happy with everything and this was their first time working with Peters. She knew this was a very quick turn-around time and was thankful we pulled it off so nicely!"

"You have the VERY BEST FACILITY my client has been to. The recruit, the space and the staff (of course)!"

"Thank you very much for the great job all of you did for our automotive groups. We really appreciate the extra efforts it took both for recruiting and hostessing! Professional job all the way around!!!"

"A big thanks to you and everyone at Peters for a great day. Lovely hospitality, professionalism and just a great experience! Everyone was very impressed with the experience! The 7 am Doctor was one of the best interviews, so a great way to start the day."

Let us give you a reason to share positive feedback! Call or email today to book your qualitative or quantitative project with us.

January, 2017

Peters Marketing Research

We should come here more often!

"We always end up in..." (check all that apply)
  • Chicago
  • Dallas
  • New York
  • Other ______ (fill in the blank here)

We hear this frequently from clients who just completed a project at Peters Marketing Research in St. Louis..."We should come here more often!"

At Peters Marketing Research, we have it all; St. Louis' largest database of consumers, business professionals and medical specialists, project development and management from a team of highly experienced project managers, beautiful and centrally-located facilities with all of the amenities and comforts you want and we always have FREE parking!

For your next marketing research project (Central Location Test, Focus Group, IDI, In-Home Usage Test) there is no need to travel to another location -- it's all here at Peters Marketing Research in St. Louis. Contact us and we bet that you, too, will say, "We should come here more often!"


December, 2016

Peace is our gift to each other

October, 2016

Peters Marketing Research: Pet-Owner Feedback

Are you planning to conduct pet related research of any kind - quantitative, qualitative or a combination of both? If so, look no further than Peters Marketing Research (PMR)! We have the database of pet-owners you need and the research methodologies to achieve your research goals.

Peters Marketing Research is a marketing research expert, providing the largest pet-owner database in St. Louis and partnering with our network of providers to offer you a national reach. Our database is comprised of 145,000 individuals with over 60% owning a dog, a cat or both! And they want to speak with you!

PMR conducts focus groups, in-home usage tests, central location tests, online surveys and ethnographies. We can help you choose the best method for your research and assist with project design to meet your needs.

If you are in the market to hear from pet-owners, call or email Katie at (314) 469-9022, for details on how PMR can help!

Involved in the St. Louis Pet Community
Our support for the 2016 Tenth Life Cat Rescue's Annual Hissin' Hustle Run & Catwalk continues our commitment to area animal aid organizations. Tenth Life assists abandoned cats and kittens with special health needs. The event will take place in St. Louis on Saturday, October 22nd from 9am-12pm at Tower Grove Park. Visit for further details.


September, 2016
Your CLT Experts
Peters Marketing Research: Your Central Location Test (CLT) Experts

In 1965, when faced with the challenge of reaching specific consumers who could not be found by going door-to-door or visiting the local shopping centers, Peters Marketing Research made the decision to "go mobile."

The custom-designed Mobile Testing Unit (MTU) was built exclusively for Peters Marketing Research and was used all around town to connect clients to the voices of their consumers. This was something no one else in the business was doing at the time. Pictured here: Company President, Joe Peters, as he received the keys to our MTU!

Fast forward to 2016, our company is still mobile (though in a different sense) and remains above the cutting edge, thanks to our advanced in-house software, IT staff, project managers, recruiters...and everyone in between.

Peters Marketing Research is rich in history and has deep roots in conducting seamless Central Location Tests - Let us prove to you our expertise, precision and dedication on your next project and for the next 50+ years.


July, 2016

Your Preferred Research Facility in "The Lou"

St. Louis, that is! Home of the Gateway Arch, the St. Louis Cardinals and our very-own Peters Marketing Research facility!

Our St. Louis focus group facility and quantitative testing center offer the latest technologies and amenities while providing a private haven for spacious comfort. Recently updated, our facilities are located just 15 minutes from Lambert St. Louis International Airport.

Our qualitative focus group facility features three suites, each including:
  • Focus group/conference room - HD stationary cameras, display ledges, tack-friendly walls and room configurations to suit your needs
  • Viewing room - Sizable space with well-lit desktop area, one-way mirror and comfortable two-tier seating
  • Lounge - 48" Smart TV for additional viewing, extensive food service capabilities and ample seating
Our quantitative testing center features:
  • 28' x 14' of open office space
  • Individual computer stations with Peters Marketing Research software-guided surveys, ideal for Central Location Tests (sniff tests and taste tests and almost anything in-between!)
  • Multiple configuration styles including classroom, booths or whatever your project requires
  • Lighting designed specifically to facilitate marketing research sensory work
  • Refrigeration
Additional Amenities:
  • FREE & EASY parking for you, your clients and your respondents!
  • Project management and hostessing from the most professional and dedicated staff in town!
  • Secure WIFI throughout
  • VideoStreaming (in HD)
  • Copying and printing services
  • Private client offices
  • Audio and video services
  • Client-controlled heating and cooling
For over 50 years, Peters Marketing Research has maintained a reputation as the preferred research facility (with the best team) in "The Lou!" Contact us for your next research project to see for yourself. We would love for you to come for a visit! Click to see our space.

May, 2016

St. Louis's Most Sophisticated Marketing Research Recruiter

With the largest opt-in database and most responsive and precise database management and interviewing software, we are certainly the premier recruiter for the St. Louis and surrounding area.

For the last 25 years we've consistently enhanced our in-house software, allowing for efficient and effective recruiting. The strength of our recruiting is well-known and we often and eagerly assist other companies with their recruiting efforts.

We recruit for all types of marketing research projects -- both qualitative and quantitative with consumers, business owners and medical professionals -- including:
  • Focus Groups    
  • Shop-a-Longs
  • IDIs
  • Central Location Tests
  • Home Use Tests
  • TDIs
  • Web Cam Interviews
  • Usability Testing
  • Online Surveys
  • Mock Juries
Our recruiting wouldn't mean much if we didn't also have our most important asset...our professional team of project managers, programmers and interviewers. Most of our team has at least 5-15 years' experience in our industry and can handle every type of project. We are proactive, responsive and detailed to get the job completed and make your day easier.

The choice for recruiting in St. Louis is simple -- Peters Marketing Research. We are St. Louis's most sophisticated marketing research recruiter. Call or email us!


April, 2016

Quantitative Research

Peters Marketing Research (PMR) has been serving the marketing research needs of the St. Louis region and well-beyond since 1958. Our mission is simply to connect clients to the opinions of trusted, verified and authentic audiences.

In addition to providing qualitative services, for over 50 years we have offered flexible quantitative research methods. Specializing in project design, methodology selection, questionnaire development, recruiting, data collection and reporting, our highly skilled quantitative team conducts a wide range of services, including:

Over 140K consumer panelists in our carefully managed & updated consumer database
Over 7,500 medical professionals, local to the St. Louis area
In-House Recruiting/Call Center, Programming & IT professionals
Field Management

We will manage the oversight and logistics of your next multi-city quantitative research project. Don't spend your day tracking down multiple markets when one call to PMR does it all.

Central Location Tests (CLT)
We are experts in conducting CLT's at our testing center, at any of our trained sites across the country or at your location using our proprietary survey software We are flexible though and will use the software/program you prefer.

In-Home Use Tests (IHUT)
Respondents assess products at their home and/or on-the-go using a mobile device, providing detailed feedback.

Internet/Online-Only Surveys
Fast, economical, and convenient. What's even better: a respondent can be located - and reachable - anywhere in the world.

PMR is flexible. If your project requires all of our capabilities or some, we'd love to partner with you!

March, 2016

It's Not Luck, It's Peters

Once is luck. Twenty-one times requires a lot more.

A lot more...Like great customer service, dedicated professionals and deep industry knowledge. Maybe that's why, for an impressive 21st year, Peters Marketing Research was named an Impulse Guide Top Rated focus group facility-an accomplishment that only 9 out of 800 facilities in the world will ever be able to say.

In addition to qualitative research, we offer a full range of quantitative research services, extensive business and consumer databases, the most robust medical database in St. Louis, and more than a half century of experience.

Give us a chance, and at the end of your next successful project, you'll agree--it's not luck, it's Peters.


February, 2016

14 Ways Our Clients Have Said They Care

Since we will all celebrate Valentine's Day this February 14th, Peters Marketing Research (PMR) thinks it's the appropriate time to share a few of the "love notes" we have received from our clients since last Valentine's Day!
Thank you for making us feel special. We love working with you too!

1.) I want to add my thanks for a great job! I truly enjoyed working with your team - they are great. I would love to come back to St. Louis. BTW - the gooey butter cake was a HUGE hit!
2.) PMR was by far THE BEST site we worked with. I didn't have to worry or stress about the work or management. We've worked with other companies in St. Louis and we will definitely be back to PMR. You killed it. Thank you for the great recruits.they were spot-on.
3.) Always LOVE seeing your beautiful faces!! We only use you guys in STL!! Xoxo
4.) Thanks also for making this project such a success. My clients were SO happy. I truly appreciate everything you and Jon and your whole team (literally, I think) did to make things run so smoothly. We had fantastic and prepared respondents. You were there, so you know we had great (and on time) show rates. And absolutely everyone from Peters was so easy to work with (and pleasant and proactive). When I say every aspect of the project (and our time at your facility) went perfectly, I truly mean it. So thanks - and please pass along my thanks to everyone who helped out. I know I can recommend you guys for any of my clients with complete confidence.
5.) It was a great recruit and we - again - loved your facility and the staff. See you soon!
6.) Thank you also to you and everyone at the facility for everything yesterday! It was great and the recruit was fantastic as well.
7.) Hi! I didn't get a chance to say goodbye last week! As always, thanks for your help - I just love your staff! Have a good rest of the summer.
8.) You guys do such a great job - even this e-mail is excellent: clear, relevant to me as a client, and inspiring. When I have a say in the matter, I will recommend coming to St Louis for groups ASAP.
9.) I want to thank all of you for your assistance on the prosthesis project. Albeit small, with a tight timeline, you did a fantastic job managing all the elements. Job well done. I can't thank you enough!
10.) The groups were excellent - full stop. No buts or exceptions. Do I know how to pick facilities or what?
11.) You made it look effortless. I wish we did more work in St. Louis. When I get to, I will be back. The moderator commented on how much she liked (maybe even loved) the respondents.
12.) I just wanted to say thanks for all of your help last week! You were all awesome and super on top of everything which is of course SO appreciated. I'll definitely be in touch next time we find ourselves heading to St. Louis!
13.) Thanks very much for taking such good care of our project and our Team! Our project went great and we enjoyed Everything about your facility!!!
14.) Just wanted to send you a note to let you know that everyone showed up, on time, ready to participate. Thank you again for a great recruit!

It's easy to celebrate love when you share mutual goals and passions...a well-cared for project with attention to the details! If you're ready to have a relationship with PMR's quantitative and qualitative research services, call us (314) 469-9022 or e-mail us!


January 2016


December 2015


October 2015

Recruiting Services

At Peters Marketing Research (PMR), we recruit people. All kinds of people. From consumers and patients to business owners and medical professionals. If you need people - we have the people you need.

Clients rely on our ability to connect specific individuals with the most relevant online surveys, focus groups, tests (central location and in-home usage) and interviews (in-depth and web-enabled). Here at PMR, we take recruitment seriously.

The Process
Candidate selection is a methodical process. We start by emailing a targeted group chosen from thousands of opt-in database members. Next, links are provided for a quick connection to our very own secure online pre-screener system. Potential recruits are then taken via telephone through the entire screener series with a PMR trained interviewer. The final step: qualified recruits are booked for a specific marketing research project. It is a straightforward and disciplined process due to years of perfecting our recruiting technique.

The Results
At PMR, our systems sort through collected data 24/7/365. We have the largest databases of consumers, medical professionals and business owners in the St. Louis and surrounding areas. Our online screening - combined with on-site interviewer accuracy - provides the highest quality respondent available in the marketplace.

To find out more, or for a quote, call Katie Peters Miller at (314) 469-9022 or email!

Supporting Our Industry
We love every type of marketing research. It's in our blood...we can't help it! That's why it was our pleasure to sponsor the annual QRCA Conference last week in Orlando, FL. QRCA...representing real quality in qualitative research! We hope everyone who attended enjoyed the conference!


August 2015

Summertime Is Still Hot At PMR

Hot weather. Cold weather. Rainy weather. We have it all summer long in St. Louis...sometimes within a 24-hour timeframe.

At Peters Marketing Research (PMR), our ever-changing summer is quickly winding down and fall is just around the corner. Sure, we had time to relax and enjoy this season, but that didn't stop us from accomplishing some pretty fabulous achievements.

Shhhh: Test-Taking Zone

The number of quantitative tests conducted during the past few months was extensive, ranging from taste and in-home use tests to online research and TDIs. We've also recruited more than 85 qualitative projects that took place at our state-of-the-art facility, as well as both online and at some of our local partner's facilities.

Going And Growing

Our quickly expanding consumer database did just that: more than 4,100 new eligible members. This increase solidifies our position of possessing St. Louis' largest consumer database.

Service With A Smile

We recently added a new email server, which affects our database contact and screening processes. The hardware was replaced, and a significant software rewrite was installed. The result: your potential respondents - for both qualitative and quantitative projects - can now be contacted more efficiently and screened more precisely. A win-win for both of us!

Onward And Upward

Congratulations to Will Lucas, who was promoted to Qualitative Research Project Manager. His PMR background includes serving as both a Qualitative Assistant Project Manager and a Recruiting Specialist for several years. While many may have already worked with Will, we look forward to the rest of you meeting him. Will's experience, attention to detail and enthusiasm have already enabled him to be a solid project manager.

As the summer starts to set and we move into fall, we at Peters Marketing Research look forward to yet another stellar season of sharing many more successes...together.


June 2015

Quantitative Research Specialists

With more than 50 years in the business, Peters Marketing Research (PMR) has the experience and insight to call ourselves specialists and here is why:

National Presence
Central Location Tests, In-Home Use Tests, online surveys--everything we do is executed in a seamless and timely manner both at our onsite St. Louis headquarters and at any of our many marketing research supply partners across the country. Over the years, we have built relationships with a nationwide network of quantitative marketing research suppliers that we have thoroughly trained on our software and completely trust.

Highly-Trained Staff
We have superior project management so you can rest assured our team has every aspect of your project covered from project design to reporting the findings. In addition, all employees have completed Adverse Events training as well as in house training of Standard Operating Procedures and Product Quality Complaints.

Working Hand-in-Hand
When we say `team', we mean it. Our quantitative research headquarters is located in the same building as the recruiting department, IT & programming, our qualitative research management team and our focus group facility. We easily meet face-to-face as a team to discuss your project's success.

As a technology leader, we've developed, updated and enhanced a safe and secure survey site,, that offers you limitless capabilities for your project design and screening. Furthermore, if you already have your own online questionnaire, we can simply load it onto any of our many laptops in the quantitative research testing center.

Diverse Respondents
We have grown our consumer and medical database for over 50 years and can therefore offer you an extremely large and very diverse pool of potential respondents. We can recruit your easiest or most difficult consumer, patient and/or medical professional.

Reliable Results
We're experts at interpreting and reporting data, providing statistical analysis and support from the simple to the complex. We deliver reliable results thanks, in part, to our many checks and balances. And we can present those results in a report style of your choosing.

For all of these reasons, PMR is your quantitative specialist. We go the extra mile to make sure your project--and you--are a success.

To find out more, or for a quote, call Anne Fleming or Tracey Kugler at 314-542-0011 or email at,


April 2015

Your Top Mock Jury Recruiter in St. Louis

If there's one reason to use the top mock jury recruiter in St. Louis, there must be twelve.

Seating a jury is every bit as critical to a successful trial as preparing the case your jury will hear.

When it comes to selecting your mock jury participants, Peters Marketing Research has the largest, most broadly-based respondent database in the St. Louis area.

Our proprietary software delivers unmatched precision when it comes to screening across any characteristics you require. In addition, our facility has been an Impulse Guide of Focus Group Facilities Top Rated for 21 consecutive years, an achievement only 9 out of 800 facilities in the world can claim.

We have everything it takes to make sure your mock jury audience is as well-researched as your argument.

March 2015

It's Not Luck, It's Peters

Once is luck. Twenty times requires a lot more.

A lot more...Like great customer service, dedicated professionals and deep industry knowledge. Maybe that's why, for an impressive 20th year, Peters Marketing Research was named an Impulse Guide Top Rated focus group facility--an achievement only 9 out of 800 facilities in the world can claim.

In addition, we offer a full range of quantitative research services, extensive business and consumer databases, the most robust medical database in St. Louis, and more than a half century of experience.

Give us a chance, and at the end of your next successful project, you'll agree--it's not luck, it's Peters.


February 2015

Feeling the Love: The Top 14 Ways Our Clients Have Said They Care

Since we will all celebrate Valentine's Day this weekend, Peters Marketing Research (PMR) thinks it's the perfect time to share a few of the "love notes" we have received from clients since last year. Thanks for making us feel so special. We love working with you too!

1.) I wanted to thank you all for doing an outstanding job on the project we conducted with you yesterday! The client was very pleased with how everything went! And it was so nice being back with you all.

2.) I just wanted to drop you a note of thanks. The groups went very well yesterday. As always, Peters did a fantastic job recruiting. Thank you so much!

3.) Well done Katie -- The moderator was very happy, client happy - I am happy! Please thank the recruiters as well for their supportive efforts. Will be back!

4.) Just thought I would express it again, I love working with Peters. You understand our screeners and what we need before having to explain anything. I always feel so comfortable and confident when I work with Peters, never any issues.

5.) Jon and your team made calls after hours, on Friday evening and even up to 9 pm the evening before the research. We talked through opportunities and solutions. All interviews were stellar and our clients were over the moon happy. Thank you for the positive, proactive attitude, perseverance and most of all for making us feel like a priority.

6.)  Just wanted to touch base and thank you again for an excellent job on the project! Everything went really well and our clients were quite pleased. Mission accomplished!!

7.) Thanks for everything with this recruit. The moderator was very happy with both the recruits and facility. The moderator is a really big fan of your facility and recruiting quality and he mentions it all the time.

8.) As always, you all do an outstanding job with the recruits!

9.) Groups last night were FANTASTIC--the analyst was really pleased, as were our clients. The participants were the exact people that we were looking for. Thanks again for everything, and I look forward to working with you on another project soon.

10.) I want to thank all of you at Peters for doing such a great job on this very challenging project. You were patient, consistent, and accurate. I look forward to the opportunity to work with you all again. Best Regards to All!

11.) Just wanted to let everyone know the moderator for last night's study thought the groups went extremely well. He told me the respondents were the best he's had for this project. One client even asked him if we had "ringer" respondents...I guess they were that good. Excellent job on the recruiting. Keep grinding!

12.) Thank you so much. The groups were absolutely amazing. I wish you could have seen the men's group...they were perfect! Thank you so much & please pass on our gratitude to your team for their conscientiousness. The videographer was great too.

13.) Thanks so much for your dedication and hard work on this project! It went really well! It is pretty likely we will be back in a few months to follow up on this. I will look forward to working with you again! All the best!

14.) Thanks again for a truly great experience - everything from the terrific recruiting to wonderful service was top notch and very much appreciated! My clients were thrilled and very complimentary - thanks for making me look good. Please extend my thanks to Meghan, Jennifer, Talayna, Will, Jon and the recruiters for a job well done.

It's easy to celebrate love when you share mutual goals and passions! If you're ready to have a relationship with PMR's quantitative and qualitative research services, call us today at (314) 469-9022 or e-mail me at for details.


November 2014

Peters Marketing Research: Developing On Our Own

For over 50 years Peters Marketing Research (PMR) has been recruiting and conducting qualitative and quantitative research for consumer, medical and business products and services. We've done it all with our own in-house recruiting and interviewing software.

Developing our own software has been no small task, but we have never been a company known for doing things on a small scale. Our supervisors, project managers, programmers and IT professionals work daily to enhance our systems based on your needs and our years of recruiting and interviewing experience.

Why have we always chosen to develop our own recruiting and survey software?

Because our vision exceeded the technology available - so we made it ourselves.

Let me give you an example of what we can do daily at PMR because of the efficiency and precision of our software:

Monday afternoon- we were asked to recruit 50 Pet Owners for 5 Thursday afternoon and evening focus groups. Tuesday- we programmed the 20-question screener, prepared the online preliminary questionnaire, tested and generated a targeted email to our database and pressed send. Our system worked overnight to generate answers from over 800 potential recruits while we enjoyed the evening with our families. Wednesday morning- we contacted the 50 best qualified respondents via telephone to validate their responses, gage articulation and book them to an appropriate group. Thursday afternoon and evening- the moderator conducted 5 successful rounds of focus groups with praise for the participation and quality of the recruits.

Our processes and technology are efficient, precise and flexible; allowing for constant system enhancements, adding requested features whenever necessary and all in-house! Contact PMR today for your next research (or recruiting) project.


September 2014

User-Friendly Mobile Surveys

Peters Marketing Research has been hard at work developing a more user-friendly mobile survey platform that will simplify the survey-taking process for your potential recruits and online survey panel members!

We're confident the updates to our mobile platform will bring a much improved user experience that panel members will see and feel immediately including:
  • A "clean" look, developed specifically for mobile devices
  • Finger-friendly buttons
  • Easy questionnaire navigation
  • No need for resizing the screen or scrolling left or right
  • Large answer option
Even more potential respondents will fill out your qualitative and quantitative screeners and complete your online surveys due to ease and improvements.

Take a peek at our improved mobile platform on your mobile device. (Note: If viewing this particular link on a desktop, you will see the brief survey in the mobile format. Typically, our system detects the device type and the appropriate survey format is displayed.)

Take advantage of our hard work and call or email us today at 314.469.9022 or

We look forward to partnering with you soon!

August 2014

Getting Your Two Cents' Worth

There are times when getting someone's "two cents" on a topic is priceless. Other times, it's practically worthless. At Peters Marketing Research, our job is to make sure you're always getting more than your two cents' worth.

Industry Experts

For more than 50 years, while implementing both qualitative and quantitative projects, marketing research recruiting has been a major part of our business. In fact, we were "Top Rated" for the 20th consecutive year by The Impulse Guide of Focus Group Facilities, a feat achieved by less than 1% of firms in the world.

An even closer look at The Impulse Guide reveals another fact we're just as proud of: More moderators and researchers gave their two cents about Peters than any other company in the state.

Recruiting & Technology Whizzes

Being headquartered in St. Louis for our entire history, we have developed the area's largest consumer and medical databases. We have also partnered with recruiting providers nationwide so that we can connect you to your target in practically no time.

Thanks to a completely revised and user-friendly mobile platform technology created by our IT staff, it's simple for our respondents to complete your initial screening questionnaires and online surveys.

Accessible Wherever, Whenever

Located just 15 minutes from Lambert St. Louis International Airport, the facilities at PMR are home to the latest technologies for optimal quantitative and qualitative research, not to mention a wide variety of creature comforts and amenities.

Of course, we also have the capability and technology to recruit for and conduct any offsite or online projects, should you or your team require it.

Get the most out of your research dollar - two cents at a time - from the respondents you value most.
Contact Jennifer Scott, VP of Operations,  for more information. 314.469.9022 or

May 2014

Quantitative Challenge? Bring It On.

When you turn to Peters Marketing Research (PMR) for your quantitative research needs, rest assured we've got you covered--from designing the project to reporting the findings. From start to finish.

We offer more than 50 years of experience, insight and know-how to make sure your project is cost effective, efficient and hassle free. No need to worry about the details, big or small. PMR thought about those yesterday.

National Presence
Central Location Tests, In-Home Use Tests, online surveys--everything we do is executed in a seamless and timely manner, whether the project is conducted through our St. Louis headquarters or one of our partner facilities across the country. In fact, over the years, we've developed a nationwide network of quantitative suppliers that we trust implicitly. And you can count on to deliver.

Highly-Trained Staff
In addition to Adverse Events training, we've undergone in-house training of Standard Operating Procedures and Product Quality Complaints. If your project requires additional Quality Control training, we're on board!

The motivated minds at PMR are constantly working to provide new and better ways to conduct research. For example, respondents now can upload videos of themselves completing a specific task to, our safe and secure survey site. We then access the footage and adjust and package it to fit your specific needs.

Reliable Results
We're experts at interpreting and reporting data. We can provide statistical analysis and support from the simple to the complex. We deliver reliable results thanks, in part, to our many checks and balances. And we can present those results in a report style of your choosing (PowerPoint, Excel, Word).

Experienced, effective, comprehensive and client-focused. PMR is up for any quant challenge you bring us. And more prepared than ever to make sure it--and you--are a success.

To find out more, or for a quote, call Anne Fleming at 314-542-0011 or email her at


April 2014

Report Cards Are In

Remember report card time back in grade school?

Depending on how studious you were, that's either a good memory or a bad one. If it's good, no doubt you also remember rushing home to show off your grades to your parents.

Well, when it comes to the report card of research facilities, we recently received some high marks of our own. So--fair warning--we're about to brag.

According to the Impulse Guide of Focus Facilities, Peters Marketing Research is a "Top Rated" facility for an impressive 20th year.

Our 20th "Top Rated" designation puts Peters in a small, but elite group. In fact, it's an accomplishment achieved by only 9 out of more than 800 facilities in the world.

The Impulse Guide, an annual publication, surveys thousands of moderators and researchers to rate the quality of hundreds of facilities. In every category, from recruiting and personnel to facility and value, Peters received high marks.

What might be equally rewarding--and a testament to the strength of our rankings--is the fact that Peters was reviewed by close to 80 moderators and researchers. The St. Louis area facility with the next highest number of reviewers had 40.

To everyone who took the time to rate Peters for the 2014 edition of the Impulse Guide, we'd like to pass along our thanks. And a promise: As proud as we are of our high marks this past year, we're committed to an even more remarkable future.

And our 21st "Top-Rated" designation in next year's Guide.


March 2014

At Peters Marketing Research we are proud to sponsor important marketing research industry events. Throughout the year, we sponsor quantitative and qualitative conferences that focus on improvements to our field in addition to advancements in technology and professional development.

Next week, we will sponsor the Pharmaceutical Marketing Research Group's (PMRG) annual conference in Orlando, Florida. The PMRG is the premiere global community for healthcare marketing research professionals and we are proud members.

Peters Marketing Research joined the PMRG because we have a robust nationwide database of medical professionals for recruiting purposes. However, having a large group of medical professionals to draw from is only half the battle. Peters Marketing Research also offers the knowledge, skills and - after more than 50 years in the business - the experience to match your project needs.

If you are attending the PMRG's annual conference next week...we hope you enjoy the conference as well as your time in Orlando!

Learn more about our full-service marketing research solutions, including medical recruiting and hosting, at


February 2014

Love Is In The Air
The Top 14 Ways Our Clients Have Said They Care

Since today is Valentine's Day, Peters Marketing Research (PMR) thinks it's the perfect time to share some of the "love notes" we have recently received from our clients. Thanks to all of you for making us feel so special.

1. "You and your staff did a tremendous job on a very difficult project...especially that insane food request."
2. "A+ on EVERYTHING!!!!!!"
3. "You and your team have provided the best service yet - from the detailed, frequent reports to the on-site professionalism."
4. "Everything was FANTASTIC! The recruiting, the facility, the service was all excellent!"
5. "Out of all of the markets I went to for this research (and I went to MANY) this was the best of them all!"
6. "I was impressed how the TDIs/webcam respondents seem well-prepared...which allowed me to spend more time covering key areas in the interviews."
7. "You're always taking good care of us - even when the task is pretty challenging, like this one."
8. "Thanks so much for your hard work in getting the group recruited and ensuring that we had high quality respondents to interview."
9. "...thought your staff was excellent, show rates very good, good talkers, people remember to do their homework..."
10. "The client is beyond ecstatic (and relieved - there was a lot of pressure from the team!) that we were able to pull through on this. I knew you could."
11. "The team was so impressed not only with the number of respondents, but also their caliber. AMAZING JOB!!"
12. "You are by far the best focus group vendor I've worked with for my client. Seriously."
13. "Thanks for the wonderful recruit."
14. "Wow! You're fast! Thanks for such a quick turnaround!"

If you're ready to fall in love with PMR's quantitative and qualitative services, call us today at (314) 469-9022 or e-mail for details. We're pretty irresistible!


January 2014

A New Year with Endless Possibilities

That Was Then...

2013 was a great year for Peters Marketing Research (PMR). One of our most newsworthy happenings: we were voted as one of the "Best Marketing Firms" by St. Louis Small Business Monthly. Other highlights:

  • Managed hundreds of qualitative and quantitative research projects and recruited thousands of respondents to participate in consumer, business and medical discussions across multiple methodologies
  • Expanded our national medical database to better serve healthcare specialist recruiting...and tripled our medical research projects compared to 2012.
  • Sponsored multiple trade conferences (QRCA's conference in San Diego, CA, MRA's Corporate Researchers conference in Dallas, TX and PMRG's Annual National Conference in National Harbor, MD) while gaining valuable industry knowledge and nationwide connections.
  • Voted a "Top Rated" facility by the Impulse Survey of Focus Facilities for the 19th consecutive year (a feat achieved by only eight of the more than 800 facilities in the world).
This Is Now!
Check out what we have in store for 2014!

  • Add more expert medical recruiters and sales representatives to improve upon future national healthcare projects.
  • Provide access to past work and reports through an easy-to-use client portal.
  • Enhance PMR's recruiting and operating systems to make the survey-taking process an even more effortless experience for our database members.
  • Exceed our level of quality work and dedication from our team of highly trained professionals.
  • Maintain our long-term working partnerships, as well as build new relationships.
We at Peters Marketing Research are excited about the endless possibilities available in the upcoming year. Thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to working with you and your company in the near future.


November 2013

Pet Owner Research: Just One Type Of Research We Do Quite Well

According to the American Pet Products Association, 68% of U.S. households (more than 82 million homes) own a pet. That's a lot of pets...and a lot of opportunities to learn about their owners and the products they use.

Peters Marketing Research (PMR) is a family-owned and operated marketing research expert. With a database of over 62,000 families, including over 45,000 families who own a cat or dog, we can provide recruiting for a variety of quantitative and qualitative consumer research projects specifically targeted to pet owners. Think of us as the "Dr. Doolittle of Databases."

If you need to reach pet owners or any other type of respondent, call us today at (314) 469-9022 for details on how we can help.

Involved in the St. Louis Pet Community

PMR continues to support Tenth Life Cat Rescue, which assists abandoned cats and kittens with special health needs. We are a proud sponsor of their third annual "Hissin' Hustle 5K Run and Catwalk" on Sat., Nov. 30 from 9 a.m. to noon at Tower Grove Park in St. Louis, Mo. Visit for further details.

October 2013

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words
At Peters Marketing Research (PMR), we didn't coin the phrase...but we sure do believe it!

Many of our online studies include pictures. In a climate where short attention spans are the norm, research shows that questionnaires containing visual messages get the best response.

Pictures and videos make all the difference when respondents evaluate the following:
  • products
  • logos
  • activities
  • charts and graphs
  • visually-oriented answer scales
  • and much more!
We also offer a new feature: a secure upload space where respondents can post a video of themselves where they are:
  • Performing a task
  • Using a product
  • Doing whatever a project requires
Call us today at (314) 469-9022 to learn how Peters Marketing Research can help you understand what a picture is truly worth.

FYI...Peters Marketing Research is a proud Silver Sponsor of the Qualitative Research Consultants Association's (QRCA) annual conference, (October 16 - 18 in San Diego), as well as the Marketing Research Association's (MRA) Corporate Researchers' conference (October 16 - 18 in Dallas.) Two PMR team members, Katie and Tracey, look forward to meeting with you at the QRCA conference. Who else will be in San Diego? We would love to connect with you!

August 2013

Our Experience with "The Lou"
We know it. We work it. We live it.

Only a local could get away with calling St. Louis by its nickname. At Peters Marketing Research (PMR), we have a grasp of what it's like to know, work and live in the area. After all, PMR has been headquartered here for more than 50 years. We have our finger on the pulse of the people and businesses that make our city shine.

Our local edge makes us the crystal clear industry authority when it comes to The Lou.

PMR Features:
  • The area's largest and fastest growing consumer and medical databases
  • Local and onsite project management teams and recruiting center
  • Central location with easy access to all parts of town
  • Internally developed and managed recruiting and survey software
  • All-inclusive taste and sensory testing facilities
  • Traditional focus group and usability testing center
  • Top Rated by the Impulse Survey of Facilities guide for 19 consecutive years (a feat achieved by only 8 facilities out of nearly 800 in the world) with more raters than anyone in town
If you're looking at St. Louis as part of your integrated research plan, let Peters Marketing Research provide you with support that's guaranteed to please.

Call us today at (314) 469-9022 or e-mail Katie Peters Miller at to learn more about PMR and our neck of the woods.

*Did you know...
Approximately half a million people deplane at Lambert-St. Louis International Airport every month. For details about St. Louis, visit our city's website


July 2013

Since the introduction of Peters Marketing Research's ongoing national medical recruiting, many have hired us to conduct recruiting and manage project  needs. If you haven't, why should you? 
•              We have vast medical interviewing experience both locally and nationally.
•              We have proprietary software that ensures efficient and accurate implementation.
•              We have the database of physicians and medical professionals you need in order to complete your project requirements.
Via telephone or online, your host site or ours (PMRSurveys), we will meet your medical recruiting needs.
Try us on your next local or national medical professionals project. We could be just what the doctor ordered!
Call (314) 469-9022 or e-mail Katie Peters Miller at for details.


June 2013

Technology has to be invented or adopted.
- Jared Diamond, scientist and author

More than 20 years ago, Peters Marketing Research (PMR) made a revolutionary commitment to invest in technology that would make far-reaching research opportunities possible. Since the necessary software was not available at that time, we developed it ourselves. And that was just the beginning.

Our proprietary software gave us an edge over our competition...and it still holds true today. We remain an industry leader when it comes to development and research capabilities. Our IT team has doubled since PMR's inception due to our dedication and desire to be the best in the business.

Today we can reach thousands of potential respondents in just a day, ensure implementation uniformity at all of our CLT partner locations...and guarantee precision recruiting without bias. Our newest sought-after service: national medical professional's recruitment that involves highly refined screening software to ensure precise screening of this very important group.

Contact Katie Peters Miller at for details about how we may help you.

April 2013

Your Seek and Find Solution
No more hunting. No more games. No more obstacles.

When you want to find a long-haired cat owner who has twin girls and loves romance novels, there's no need to look any further. We have your solution.

Peters Marketing Research (PMR) in St. Louis has made it our business to seek -- and find -- that specific consumer who can provide your company with all the answers you need.

Industry Experts

We have specialized in consumer recruiting for more than 50 years, and our efforts are nationally recognized. In fact, we were recently "Top Rated" for the 19th consecutive year by The Impulse Guide of Focus Group Facilities, with more moderators and researchers rating us than any other company in the state.

Far-Reaching Connections

Our recruiting software enables us to contact thousands of consumers in no time at all. We efficiently specialize in this process, which allows you to reap the financial benefits of our expertise. We offer streamlined services, all competitively priced.

Easy Accessibility

PMR in St. Louis has an elegant, spacious and conveniently located facility and, should your project require it, can easily recruit for offsite and online projects as well. Efficient recruiting and a state-of-the-art facility mean results will happen.

February 2013

National Medical Recruitment Services: It's Just What The Doctor Ordered

f you're looking for an expert in medical recruitment, your search is over! St. Louis, Mo.-based Peters Marketing Research (PMR), which has previously focused its medical recruiting efforts locally, now offers nationwide searches that eliminate the time-consuming hunt for the perfect match. Our 50+ years of industry knowledge and professionalism let you focus on what you do best while we handle the rest.

National Screening
PMR has broadened our screening process by adding medical professionals throughout the country to our extensive online survey database. We connect with these authorities via email and telephone to discover the most qualified candidates.

Medical Recruitment
After the initial screening process is complete, PMR pursues the best physicians and medical professionals to suit your needs. Our reliable recruiting methods have been sharpened locally for years. Now we are extending those efforts to a national approach.

Interview Software
Many years ago our in-house specialists created a proprietary interview software program that does it all. With a few modifications and enhancements, our existing software now extends to medical recruitment on a national level.

If you are looking for national medical recruitment assistance, call us today at (314) 469-9022 for details on how Peters Marketing Research can find a cure for what you need.

January 2013

Past Performance Ensures Future Results
At Peters Marketing Research

The upcoming year promises to be bigger and better than ever at Peters Marketing Research (PMR) due, in part, to our quantitative group's many successes during 2012.

Solid Teamwork
For more than 50 years, PMR has utilized experienced personnel to achieve the results our clients deserve. We made 2012 a stellar year for executing PMR's renowned services - including Central Location Test (CLT) and In-Home Use Testing (IHUT) - with increased partnerships throughout the U.S.

Strong Connection blossomed last year with improved on-line survey software, upgraded site enhancements, and a more user-friendly format. Our customers now have quicker feedback plus more in-depth details about their consumers. Watch for even further advancements in 2013.

Northern Networking
While we have worked with Canada for many years, 2012 saw the strongest numbers ever thanks to a better understanding of their unique culture. PMR has an extremely high respondent completion rate of 90% in Canada, which is consistent with our U.S. rates. These results speak volumes in any language!

Maximum Capabilities
We didn't invent the term "value-added", but we definitely solidified it last year. Now we offer more all-encompassing questionnaires, increased statistical methods, and upgraded screening processes. Not only are we in tune with your research objectives, but we also are trendsetters in terms of innovative methodologies.

If you would like to join us in our ongoing journey, call us today at (314) 542-0011 for details on how Peters Marketing Research can bring quantitative success to you and your company in the upcoming year.

December 2012

As the year comes to a close, we remember those who are less fortunate. Peters Marketing Research and our staff members are happy to donate to The United Way for “The 100 Neediest Cases” in St. Louis.  We select this fundraiser in appriciation of our clients during 2012.  Every single dollar raised goes to help needy St. Louisans.

We look forward to an exciting and successful 2013!!

September 2012

Peters Marketing Research (PMR) has been a leader in the quantitative research field for more than 50 years. Our systematic approach involves obtaining relevant information via solid research methods, in-house programming and building long term relationships. Let us serve as your quantitative partner with PMR's four "A" program. Our mission: to appraise, assess, analyze and accomplish your unique objectives.

Our team of experts first meets with you to discuss research benefits and desired results. Once a direction is determined, PMR implements a focused testing approach to achieve these goals. As a full-service quantitative research specialist, we provide both local and national solutions tailored to your specific needs including Central Location Tests (CLT), In-Home Use Tests (IHUT) and Online Tests.

Depending on your objectives and budget, PMR determines which collection methods work best. We recruit respondents by email, telephone or mall intercept based on the study's requirements.

PMR utilizes innovative techniques, combined with the client's input, to expertly design questionnaires. We also handle respondent recruitment - everything from client-provided names, panels, databases, mall intercepts and product cards - to achieve the best conclusions.

Analyze: allows interviewers in remote sites, as well as individual respondents, to complete surveys online and securely transmit the information directly to us. This mix of data entry error elimination, quick delivery and fast turnaround makes the perfect technologically savvy combination.

Our data collection system incorporates in person, telephone and internet techniques to ensure a cost-effective study. No guess work is involved...and the highest security level is achieved.

Once the surveys are completed and research is tabulated, PMR presents its expertly collected data to the client. Thanks to our internally developed software and technology, the results are easy to comprehend and immediately ready for application. PowerPoint presentations, white paper reports and recommendations for next steps are deliverables we routinely provide.

In summary, PMR is an industry leader that handles precise measurement and analysis through a variety of survey techniques. We specialize in:
• Measurable results
• Exceptional interviewers
• Local and national coverage
• Internally developed software and technology
• Extensive business, consumer and medical databases
• Client/Supplier relationships

Give us a chance to impress you and your clients. Please contact Anne Fleming at 314-542-0011 to discuss your next project, you will be glad you did.

August 2012

It has been a busy summer at our St. Louis focus group facility! We've screened and hosted many interviews and focus groups, recruited for offsite testing, in-home ethnographies and in-store shop-a-longs and given many facility tours. We even hosted a QRCA meeting. Fortunately, given the heat this summer, we were able to conduct all of this work from the comfort of our nicely cooled offices!

In the midst of our hard work, we decided to redecorate a bit. We've added new and oh-so-comfortable moderator and client viewing room chairs along with beautiful fresh artwork. Take a look around the website for some new photos.

Katie Peters Miller, VP of Qualitative Research, gave birth to her second son, Wyatt, in May. She is happy to be back at the facility and ready to work with you on your next qualitative project!

We hope to see you soon at Peters Marketing Research's focus group facility, where you can expect to be even more comfortable than usual!

June, 2012

Enjoy the feeling of safety at Peters Marketing Research (PMR), where we rely upon only our most tried and true methods to preserve your information. Our more than 50 years of industry experience provides the highest data security, and that means no worries for our customers.

PMR Edge

We expertly guard all PMR information, which includes our respondents (all surveys and personal information are confidential) and clients (project information and network data) are both well protected. Our cutting edge security is provided in part by Starfield Technologies, McAfee, Symantec and others.

Protected Products And Procedures

Everything - from our hardware and software to our internal and external procedures - is monitored and assessed to ensure the utmost reliability. We know you trust us with your data, and we take that responsibility seriously.

Ongoing Upgrades

PMR constantly enhances our system to ensure the utmost safety. We continue to improve our security structure in order to meet - and surpass - our industry's stringent requirements.

Experience the finest protection with our worry-free security, where we offer safety with confidence.

We were pleased to host the Missouri Chapter of the Qualitative Research Consultants Association's (QRCA) quarterly meeting at our St. Louis focus group facility. We were honored to host the meeting, happy to meet new people and see familiar faces!

May, 2012

Peters Marketing Research (PMR) utilizes a team approach when conducting quantitative research. That's why we rely on the country's best business partners when we need nationwide field coverage.


We work with 10 of the top companies in the research industry -- from coast to coast -- to assist our client's far-reaching needs. Like PMR, they consistently deliver outstanding data collection and first-rate survey methods that complement our stringent quantitative requirements.


PMR has maintained long-term working relationships with these companies to cost-effectively handle quantitative activities. How it works: we have trained these top 10 businesses on implementing our data acquisition and transmission procedures. Once they complete a project, we can retrieve our client's encrypted survey results in the timeliest manner possible through our technologically-savvy programs.


These additional locations help PMR efficiently coordinate research and achieve results. Integrated teamwork is one of the many reasons why our company has remained a full-service marketing research leader for more than 50 years.

April, 2012

We are a proud sponsor of the first annual "Tenth Life Cat Rescue's Hep Cat Carnival" in St. Louis on Sunday, May 6th from 3pm-9pm at The Gramophone.

If you live in the St. Louis area, come out and support this awesome non-profit organization that saves stray cats and kittens from the streets. Particular attention is paid to those with special needs, injuries, or medical conditions that make it difficult for other organizations to afford their care.

Go to

March, 2012

Peters Marketing Research (PMR) has a direct line to thousands of physicians and medical professionals both locally (St. Louis region) and nationally. We are your crystal clear industry authority when it comes to expertly working with the medical industry...and getting the results you require.

It's a classic case: you need to speak with physicians, nurses and medical professionals...but they have limited availability. The last thing these professionals want is time-wasting complications.  That's where we come in. The medical industry is eager to work with us because we have been around for more than 50 years and we make it simple.

The PMR Edge
We provide the time-saving option of completing screeners online and following-up with a brief verifying phone call. Keeping things simple and efficient for our medical professionals means a higher response rate and happier clients.  

A key consideration for in-facility studies: our headquarters are centrally located and just 10 miles from the Lambert-St. Louis International Airport. Plus several award-winning St. Louis hospitals are less than five minutes from our offices.

We are a renowned resource for finding that tough-to-reach medical specialist. We discover targeted professionals efficiently and effectively due to our strong medical industry relationships.

Our reputation and 50+ years in the industry make us the most trustworthy option for medical professionals willing to share their input with healthcare companies.

By the way…We are a proud sponsor of this year’s PMRG Annual National Conference in Orlando, FL, March 25-27.  We are pleased to help you start your day off right by sponsoring breakfast on Monday morning!  

February, 2012

Adapting to change is one of the reasons Peters Marketing Research (PMR) has been in business for over 50 years! As the demand for online surveys has increased, we have adapted, and offer top-notch online survey capabilities via

You may know PMR for our excellent recruiting, top-rated focus group facility and well-managed and timely quantitative studies, but have you ever considered us for fielding your online survey needs?

We invite you to take a look at the many features offered by our online survey software in our (demo) located on this site.

To learn more about how PMR can adapt to your online survey requests, please contact Anne Fleming, Vice President of Quantitative Research,, or call (314) 542-0011.

January, 2012

You can be both a dog and cat lover…especially at Peters Marketing Research (PMR).  This past year we sponsored two wonderful fundraisers for local animal welfare groups:

• The first annual “Hissin’ Hustle 5K Walk/Run” – all proceeds benefitted the Tenth Life Cat Rescue of St. Louis
• The first annual “Kilometers for Canines in Crisis” – money was raised to support Canines in Crisis of Desoto, Mo.

In addition to helping the area’s animals, PMR also gave a generous donation to The United Way for “The 100 Neediest Cases” in St. Louis.  We selected this fundraiser to honor our clients during the 2011 holiday season because every single dollar raised goes to help needy St. Louisans.



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