PMR Expertise


PMR’s technology takes the edge off your recruiting worries.

 Online Research

Our fact-finding journey encompasses both project recruitment and quantitative data collection.

 Internally Developed Software

These in-house programs are fully integrated with our telephone system, databases and internal computer network.

 Programmable Questionnaires

With each inquiry, we can select, monitor and implement respondent contact in an extremely efficient manner.

 Timely Response Rates

Quick…quicker…quickest…and that includes even the most challenging projects.

 Consumer Databases

Our all-inclusive, continuously updated consumer databases have more than 140,000 individuals.

 Medical Databases

We created comprehensive local and national lists that have thousands of physicians and medical professionals.

We love a challenge, especially with PMR’s enhanced programming and powerful technology on our side. No worries here…only successful projects time and time again.